The following comments all come from previous purchasers of products from the AMAZONAS baby world range:

Kangoo - "Our little baby was premi and quite un-settled when we got him home. To get him to sleep peacefully, it was either jiggle walking him round the streets for an hour or rocking him gently in one of your hammocks. He just loves being inside his little hanging nest and it looks beautiful hung from a beam in our living room. Thank you" - Kia.

Koala - "My husband and I love the hammock, it's fantastic, it's light weight, easy to use and is great for use within the home as well as camping and bub loves it too" - Amanda.

Kangoo & Hippo - "I loved that the hammock was compact and I could reach out and rock it from the comfort of my bed. We stayed in three different places with our newborn son and the hammock is so easy to travel with. We often brought it outside so he could fall asleep while swinging and watching the leaves. After our son finished with it, I lent it to a girlfriend whose baby was having trouble sleeping in the bassinet - her daughter absolutely loves the hammock and sleeps the whole night through. Definately a recommended purchase" - Kat, Perth.

Kaya Natura & Leo - "We are really happy with the hammock. it is so elegantly simple and functional. (it gets much more use than the $2000 designer cot!)thanks again" - Greg, NSW.

Koala - "I purchased a baby hammock for my twin babies. It is great. They love it.
Mummy loves it, and it looks gorgeous. Both babies fitted into the hammock together for a little while which we loved. It kept them close together and allowed them to have close contact with each other, as well as looking adorable:) When in it by themselves
they both relax and have at times fallen to sleep in it for a short nap.
It has had many comments from family and friends who have come to visit, all positive and intregued with what it is. I like that it creates conversation and is so different to all the other baby seats and rockers that are out on the market. It is more like a piece of furniture then a baby product" - Amanda.

Koala - "I couldn't be more thrilled with our hammock - ordered from you for our newest addition to the family, now three weeks old. It was really simple to put together and adjust. We use the hammock day and night for the baby, with a sheepskin lining it and it is obviously so very comfortable, he settles in it immediately. It's natural and gorgeous to look at and everyone that has seen it comments on how lovely it is.
As far as service is concerned, yours was faultless...when I needed to change the order, you did so quickly and professionally. The hammock arrived really quickly too. I wish you all the best for your business in the future and should there be any need for me to buy another hammock, rest assured it will be from you" - Sarah.