ORGANIC MONKEY - Belly Better Organic tummy oil - 30ml

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Organic Monkey is the award winning Fairtrade and Organic Skincare brand for babies.

The Belly Better organic tummy oil is a fine blend of organic oils with the calming, soothing and relieving properties of organic neroli and lavender to help alleviate tummy aches.

A happy tummy is a happy mummy. Our Belly Better tummy oil is here to soothe and calm and keep your little monkey as bright as a (belly) button! Belly Better is a fine blend of organic essential oils including Neroli and Lavender, known to calm and soothe. Perfect for a gentle tummy rub or a massage before bed to aid a good nights sleep.

• Naturally soothes and relaxes
• Finest, food-grade oils
• Certified Organic by the Soil Association

A Must For Every Organic Baby
Soothing ‘Belly Better’ Organic Tummy Oil from Organic and Fairtrade baby skincare pioneers, Organic Monkey, is made with a gentle blend of organic oils including, Sweet Almond, Neroli and Lavender, formulated specifically to soothe, calm and comfort little monkey’s tummies, keeping them as bright as a (belly) button.

Pure goodness in a bottle, this wholesome blend of oils means a little goes a long way and astute mums will love that this pure, all-natural oil offers high efficacy without the need for using harsh synthetics on baby’s skin –making it a must-have for every organic baby.

Organic Food For Baby’s Skin
Carefully formulated, Belly Better contains a delicate blend of the finest Neroli and Lavender essential oils, known for their therapeutic abilities to relieve and calm. Perfect for a gentle tummy rub to ease baby’s discomfort, to aid bowel movements and help relieve trapped wind, or to use as a massage oil before bed to promote a good nights sleep.

The Star Ingredients
• Organic Neroli essential oil - a ‘wonder oil’ known for its great antispasmodic, digestive and relaxing therapeutic properties, it helps relieve tummy aches whilst aiding calm and restfulness
• Organic Sweet Almond oil - easily absorbed and non-greasy, this nourishing oil complements the massage process, whilst its natural properties help relieve irritation and inflammation leaving skin softened and soothed
• Organic Lavender essential oil - a natural way to treat digestive ailments, as well as healing properties, Lavender is well known for its ability to help calm and relax body and mind.

Organic Monkey founders, Heidi and Claudine, say, “Tummy aches are no fun for anyone – especially not for your baby. We have developed this organic tummy oil using nature’s finest ingredients to help soothe, relax and alleviate discomfort and to offer mums a wholly natural alternative.”

Beautifully presented in a recycled glass bottle, Belly Better is the ultimate safe and effective solution for a happy tummy.