ORGANIC MONKEY - Cheeky Monkey Organic cheek rub for teething - 30ml

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Organic Monkey is the award winning Fairtrade and Organic Skincare brand for babies.

The Cheeky Monkey organic cheek is made with organic arnica, lavender, spearmint and roman chamomile essential oils to help calm and relieve symptons of teething.

We all know how unpleasant the whole teething process is, cranky little monkeys and sleepless nights all round.

Organic Monkey have developed an organic cheek rub made up of a soothing blend of 100% organic ingredients combining Arnica, Sweet Almond, olive and Sunflower oils with organic Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Spearmint essential oils to help calm and relieve.

• An industry ‘first’ and must-have for every organic baby
• Finest, food-grade oils
• Fairtrade and Organic certified

A Cheek Rub Oil for Teething Relief
New innovative ‘Cheeky Monkey’ Cheek Rub Oil from Organic Monkey is not only 100% organic, but it uses food-grade oils to safely calm and soothe for quick, effective and long-lasting teething relief.

Avoid the Chemical-Laden Teething Gels
Organic Monkey’s Cheek Rub Oil is certified Organic and Fairtrade and is formulated especially to provide a safe and all-natural form of relief to calm the most stressful of little monkeys. Unlike traditional teething gels, this teething remedy is applied to the outside of the cheeks so that it’s not directly ingested. 100% organic, this product offers high efficacy, without the need for synthetics.

The Star Ingredients
• Organic Arnica oil – well known for its anti-inflammatory properties
• Organic Lavender oil - as well as its healing properties it is known for its ability to calm and soothe
• Organic Roman Chamomile oil - possesses pain relieving properties and helps encourage relaxation
• Organic Spearmint oil - has antiseptic as well as stimulating properties which help to uplift and reduce stress.

Heidi and Claudine, Founders, Organic Monkey say, “We all know how unpleasant the whole teething process is, fractious little monkeys and sleepless nights all round. We have developed this organic cheek rub to help calm and relieve your little ones and gives us mums a helping hand.”
Beautifully presented in a recycled glass bottle, Cheeky Monkey is the ultimate safe and effective teething remedy to comfort your little monkey.

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