AMAZONAS Relax kolibri weatherproof hanging chair


This is an AMAZONAS Elltex weatherproof hanging hammock chair with spreader bar - the optimum spot to hang in.

This chair comes from one of the leading hammock manufacturers in the world - AMAZONAS, and is made from the very impressive weatherproof fabric - Elltex. No more ripped, battered and colour run hammocks - Elltex can be hung outside even when it is raining or when the sun is burning hot. Elltex is a special mix of polyester and cotton that is very weatherproof, hardly fades and stays extremely tearproof, even after repeatedly getting wet. On top, it is snug and soft like pure cotton!

The chair is the perfect place for dreaming alone from the rest of the world! Simply ideal for relaxing away from all stress and strain....

With a fabric width of 1.0m and a length of 1.3m, this item is plenty big enough for curling up with a good book. Weighing just 1.8kg, with a load capacity of 120kg, this light item of furniture can be hung up or taken down in mere seconds.

Suspension options from the Amazonas range include:
* Powerhook
* Smartrope
* Atlas stand
* Luna rockstone stand
* Palmera rockstone stand

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