AMAZONAS Chico Kids size weatherproof Elltex hammock

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This is a gorgeous hammock made especially for the bigger little ones.

To complement the rest of the Amazonas range, this hammock, The Chico Fantasia is designed specifically for 2-8 year olds.

Chico comes in a special size for children; it fits in every childs room, and under every high sleeper bed. - This must be what every child dreams of - his or her own hammock to swing in at home.

Whether in the nursery, in the garden or on holiday, the Chico child hammock is the ideal refuge for all temporarily reticent children and tired warriors up to 8 years old (or 80kg!).

It also serves as a favourite play thing for the little one to swing in.

Moreover, and good news for parents, the gentle rocking soothes somewhat over-excitable small souls.

A happy side-effect is that swaying promotes the sense of balance, a reason why hammocks are commonly used in child therapy.

This hammock is now made from Ellex - a superior weatherproof cotton/polyester blend which means it can survive just as well outdoors as indoors - Elltex features include:

* Extreme UV resistance

* Water resistance

* Extreme sturdiness

* Cuddly, soft-as-cotton, feel

The hammock weighs approx 1kg, and has a load capacity of up to 80kg.
Laying surface is 175cm x 120cm.

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