AMAZONAS Brasilia Mocca double+ XL Brazilian hammock with spreader bars


The Extra large Brasilia hammock is one of the most popular in the entire range - AMAZONAS have managed to make the spreader bar hammocks as comfortable as the classic Brazilian hammock with no bar.

This is achieved by firstly using a special, amazingly soft and flexible thread in a high quality thickness (350 g/m²), and secondly by making the material significantly wider than the bar: 140 x 100 cm bar. This provided for a wonderful arch in which one can hang comfortably and securely!

Made in Brazil, this huge hammock is a genuine Brazilian hammock - not just 'called' a Brazilian hammock!

Made from 100% AZO free cotton, it is extra large and super soft.

There are spreader bars at each end of this hammock.

Coming under the XL category, this hammock is suitable for more than 1 person.

The laying surface of the hammock is 210 x 140cm. The actual fabric length is 310cm. Spreader bar lengths are 100cm.

With a load capacity of 150kg, this is the place to enjoy a lazy afternoon with a friend or the kids.

We recommend the use of one of the following suspension options:
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* Amazonas Smartrope
* Amazonas Jumbo/Liana combo
* Amazonas Sumo stand
* Amazonas Apollo stand

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