FAQ's - Baby slings

Why are carry slings ideal for babies?

Being carried fosters the motor, cognitive and emotional development of your baby. For the very young in particular the sling is very pleasant as their muscles can relax, the baby can breathe more easily and its digestion functions better, easing reflux and colic.
The primeval need for body contact and security is satisfied and the baby’s sense of balance is trained.
The splayed position of the baby’s legs in a sling also positively influences the development of the hips.

Are there any advantages for the parents to carry baby in a sling?

Yes!! Using a sling will satisfy your need for closeness. You will be able to move your arms freely and also perform minor tasks.
A sling enables the parents of adoptive children to develop primeval trust and helps establish an intensive relationship.
Thanks to the close contact you get to know your baby and its needs / wishes more quickly.
The sling also helps fathers establish intensive relationships with their babies and consciously experience body contact.
A sling weighs less than a pram, for example, takes up less space and is easy to take along, also when travelling.
Using a sling thus satisfies the natural need that babies have for body warmth and the parents’ need for flexibility and mobility.