FAQ's - Adult hammocks

What is the best way to hang a hammock?

The most important thing is to arrange the hammock's suspension loops at head height, and only some 3m distance from each other, thereby allowing the hammock to hang down in a deep arc. This then allows a diagonal lying position, like a real 'Brazilian', and not straight. This keeps the back straight and is the secret of being able to lie comfortably and relaxed for hours on end in a hammock.
In Brazil, hammocks are still used as beds, as they always have been. This is the reason that they are as wide and comfortable as a bed! Even if you are only going to use your hammock for relaxation, you should still try to adopt the Brazilian way of lying: Contrary to European ideas, hammocks are not hung taut!

What about safety testing on the adult hammocks?

In order to complement the regular quality checks performed by independent test institutes on our behalf, AMAZONAS has now installed it's own test bench in it's German headquarters. This test bench, which has been specially developed to test the load-bearing capacity of hammocks, hanging chairs and stands, enables a maximum stress test of up to 600kg.